The SNP has today welcomed the latest Ipsos MORI poll which shows net
satisfaction rates with the SNP Scottish Government sit at an
impressive 15% while the UK government score an embarrassing rating of
minus 40%.

Christopher McLean, Senior Research Executive at Ipsos MORI Scotland,
analysed the findings, and said:

“Our poll shows that a majority of Scots think that the Scottish
Government is doing a good job. This will be particularly encouraging
for the SNP given that they have now been in power for over five years
and given the comparable approval rating of the UK Government among
voters across Britain.”

SNP Depute leader and Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said:

“This is a great poll which reinforces the fact that the SNP Scottish
Government is doing a good job in exceptionally difficult

“These poll figures underline the trust which the people of Scotland
have in the Scottish Government, which continues to deliver on the
social contract that has protected benefits such as free personal care
for the elderly and free university education.

“And the contrast with people’s views of the UK Government at
Westminster could not be more striking.

“This poll once again highlights how people are most satisfied when
decisions affecting Scotland are taken here in Scotland. As we have
seen with falling crime rates, a protected NHS and free access to
world class universities – the people of Scotland know and trust
Scottish Government.

“On law and order, the Scottish Government has delivered record police
numbers, whilst officer strength is being drastically cut south of the
border. And in health, we are keeping Scotland’s NHS firmly in public
hands with care free at the point of need thanks to free
prescriptions, while in England there is creeping privatisation and
increasing charges.

“The underlying message of this poll is that it shows why independence
is the best option for Scotland, because the people best placed to
take decisions on all issues that affect Scotland are the people who
choose to live and work here. That is the fundamental truth which
resonates so powerfully with people across this nation as they look
towards the referendum that will give them the opportunity to make
sure that all the key decisions affecting them and their families are
taken here in Scotland.”

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