Reflecting on some of the scare stories peddled by anti-independence politicians this year, the SNP has said Better Together’s New Year’s resolution should be to raise the tone of the referendum debate in 2013 – and assured them that Hogmanay would continue under independence.

Despite their promise to ‘make the positive case for the Union’, claims emanating from politicians from the so-called Better Together campaign include – that an independent Scotland would lose the pandas from Edinburgh zoo, that an independent Scotland would lose its NHS, and even that England would be forced to bomb the airports an independent Scotland.

SNP MSP Bruce Crawford - who convenes the Referendum (Scotland) Bill Committee - said:

“After this year of silly scaremongering, it’s surprising the anti-independence campaign hasn’t claimed Hogmanay would stop under independence.

“Just as our great traditional New Year celebrations would continue in an independent Scotland, the NHS would carry on, ‘English’ would still be taught on the school curriculum and there would be no custody battle over the pandas at Edinburgh Zoo.

“A Tory peer even suggested that England could be forced to bomb an independent Scotland’s airports in the event of a terrorist attack.

“As they reflect on the campaign they have been running this year, anti-independence politicians should make it their New Year’s resolution to raise the tone of the referendum debate in 2013. Some of the stuff that the people of Scotland have heard this year has frankly been an insult to their intelligence, and they deserve better.

“People have legitimate questions to ask, which is why we need an open platform – not one congested by the most bizarre claims, including saying our friends and family in the rest of the UK would become foreign.

“In contrast, the Yes campaign is rooted in a positive approach that represents all of Scotland’s communities – young and old, job-creators, Labour movement figures, civic Scotland, the Arts and urban and rural Scotland.

“The SNP believes Scotland’s people – and its future generations – should be in charge of their own fate and know that the alternative to a Yes vote in 2014 would be to see the achievements of devolution being rolled back.

“Being independent is the best option for Scotland, because the people best placed to take decisions on all issues that affect Scotland are the people who choose to live and work here. That is the fundamental truth which resonates so powerfully with people across this nation.

“A country that earns its wealth and shares it more fairly, where every child has the chance to grow up and fulfil their potential and that enjoys excellent relations with its friends across these islands.”

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