Angus MacDonald, MSP for Falkirk East has joined forces with Focus Scotland Magazine to make promoting community based volunteering their New Year Resolution. 

The campaign aims to get the Scottish public to embark on a volunteering journey in 2013 whilst raising awareness and promoting community volunteering in 2013.

Pledging to support the campaign, MSPs signed banners promoting the campaign, which aims to encourage more people in Scotland to volunteer within their community with the hope to see an increase in community involvement throughout the country in 2013.

Following a positive year for volunteering with the successful Olympic Games, Focus Scotland hope that individuals within Scotland continue to volunteer and hope that the campaign will act as a reminder for them of the impact they can have at community level.

Mr MacDonald commented after signing the banner:

“We all feel the pressures of our hectic lives. It can seem impossible to find the time to do what we need to get done, never mind set aside some time to help others. Volunteering is an extremely rewarding thing to do, giving back to the community, helping those that need a wee hand, really puts problems in perspective and helps remind us of what’s important; our family, our friends, our community.

That’s why I am supporting this campaign; to encourage others to give a little time. Just giving 1 hour whenever you can to a charity or a local community organisation can make a big difference and if you have never volunteered before, you will be surprised how helping others can really be a big help to yourself.”

Focus Scotland Editor Selina Ross added, “Volunteering has never been more in the news and we want to see 2013 be the year we put community volunteering in Scotland clearly on the map.   Everyday people throughout Scotland make the lives of themselves and others better by contributing their time, skills and care in a wide variety of ways. We hope in 2013 even more will take the time to get involved.”

The last Scottish Household Survey showed that 30% of adults volunteer; this campaign hopes to add to that figure by encouraging everyone to kick off the New Year with a resolution to volunteer in their local community and make a difference.

If you have any time to donate to and would be interested you can find out more about volunteering by visiting the portal for all volunteering in Scotland or by contacting your local Volunteer Centre.

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