This morning for what is the first time a political party boycotted their own debate in the House of Commons. The Labour party’s Iain Mackenzie today withdrew his debate on the Royal Mail because the House of Commons authorities ruled that the word “separation”  was not permitted in the House of Commons.

Pete Wishart MP for Perth and North  Perthshire commented:

“This morning has been quite extraordinary. For the first time ever in the House of Commons a political party has boycotted its own debate. The Labour party are in a Parliamentary petulant strop because the House of Commons have ruled that their favourite pejorative word cannot be used.

"Today we were supposed to discuss the important issue of the future of the Royal Mail in Scotland but this did not go ahead because the Labour party insisted that the word “separate” be included in the debate’s title. I’m sure that postal workers and customers the length and breadth of Scotland will be wondering why the Labour party would boycott a debate because they couldn’t use one word.

"This is though, an important ruling by the House of Commons authorities and they are right to insist that the debate about Scotland’s future is discussed sensibly without pejorative language. It begs the question that the Scottish Affairs Select Committee will also have to abide by this ruling and change the wording on their reports.

"I hope that after they’ve had their little piques the Labour party will re-engage with this important debate."

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