Angus MacDonald MSP for Falkirk East joined SNP, Green and Independent MSPs who have co-signed a letter alongside voluntary organisations, trade unions and disability groups calling on the Chancellor George Osborne MSP to scrap the Bedroom Tax in this year’s Budget Statement on March 20th.

Under the proposals by the UK government, those who are currently under-occupying their Council or Social Sector House will risk up to 25% of their Housing Benefit being cut unless they move to a smaller home.

Despite 90 per cent of Scottish MPs voting against the tax it will still be imposed on Scotland – unless opposition to it forces a reversal of the policy.

Mr MacDonald said:

“Fundamentally, the Bedroom Tax is a direct attack on disabled and vulnerable Scots who will be forced out of their homes as the UK Government proceed with their vicious welfare reforms.

“The DWP’s concessions on the Housing Benefit show that the reforms are already falling apart, but many are still at risk of losing their homes due to an absurd policy.

“George Osborne has a perfect opportunity to safeguard homes for disabled and vulnerable Scots, who have been forced to live in bigger houses due to previous Conservative Government policies which restricted the housing stock.

“The support that this letter has received, from the STUC to small disability rights groups, shows how much of an issue this is to people in Scotland and I hope the Chancellor listens to our call.”

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