Angus MacDonald MSP backs latest 'see me' campaign: ‘Just Listen. You Could Change a Life’


Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald has backed 'see me's new campaign which was launched this week. The campaign urges Scots to get talking about mental ill-health and to listen to what is said. Support makes all the difference.

In independent polling last year, 40% of Scots said that they wouldn't know how to ask about mental ill-health.

Their main concerns were:

· How to raise the subject - "What Should I Say?"

· What to do if the conversation doesn't go well

· Where to access further help and advice - "Who else can help?"

We all need to know how to talk about mental ill-health - and we all need to know how to listen.

Despite 1 in 4 Scots experiencing mental ill-health, 40% of us would find it hard, or be unsure about how, to talk to someone about mental health problems. People can be scared to even raise the subject.

When ‘see-me’ asked the Scottish public why that was, they told the charity they felt nervous about saying the ‘wrong thing’, making things worse or being rebuffed. They were also worried about not having resources to fall back on and not knowing where to direct people for further help.

Giving his support to the charity Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald said:

“‘see me’s Just Listen campaign aims to take the mystery out of offering support to someone with a mental health problem. I’ve supported see me’s work in the past and am happy to give my support to this latest campaign. Remember, just listen, you could change a life!”

More detailed information about how to talk about mental ill-health can be found on the ‘see me’ website

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