Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald has welcomed the introduction of a new pricing structure on Scotland’s railways which will save passengers up to 41% on rail fares, and make it easier to ensure that rail users always get the cheapest ticket available for their journey.  Rail fares for some 275,000 journeys are now set to be cut.

A new pricing structure to be introduced by Transport Scotland and ScotRail will significantly reduce cases where split-ticketing – the practice of dividing journeys into two or more segments to secure a cheaper journey price – is cheaper than an end-to-end ticket for the same journey.

Over 1,500 of such decades-old pricing anomalies will be addressed, ensuring that passengers across Scotland will benefit from the changes.

The new structure means that end-to-end tickets will almost always be the cheapest option in Scotland, securing reductions of as much as 41% on certain routes from 19 May.

Commenting, SNP MSP for Falkirk East Angus MacDonald said:

“Today’s announcement will be hugely welcome news, particularly for those passengers who will see their fares fall by as much as 41% - it means cheaper fares across some 275,000 rail journeys.

“Eliminating the loopholes and inconsistencies that have been part of the hugely complicated rail fare system for decades - and was in the franchise specification agreed by the previous Labour/Lib Dem Executive - is a very positive step forward that will save money for rail users across Scotland.

"Today's announcement ends the unfair fares legacy of the previous Labour/Lib Dem Scottish Executive.

"This new system will ensure that passengers can easily get the best fare available, and help to encourage more people to travel by rail.

“It is excellent news, and underlines the SNP Government’s commitment to ensuring rail passengers get the best deal possible.”

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