Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald has backed the Falkirk Herald campaign calling on local residents to ‘buy local’. In addition the SNP MSP has backed the National Farmers Union of Scotland (NFUS) ‘buy local’ campaign encouraging consumers to buy quality Scotch beef, lamb and pork.

Speaking in Grangemouth, Angus MacDonald said:

“I am pleased to support the Falkirk Herald and NFUS campaigns to ‘buy local’. In Falkirk district we have a large choice of town and district centres to choose from. It is important we support our small independent traders who struggle to compete with the ever growing power of the supermarket giants.

“While supermarkets have their place in providing us with our weekly groceries, if we do not use our town and district centres, and our corner shops, they will be gone for good in a few years’ time. Is that what we really want?

“The NFUS campaign also calls on consumers to shop local, which I am also happy to support. Our health depends to a great extent on what we all put into our mouths. Fresh, healthy produce packed with vitamins and minerals is essential if we are to secure the future health of our children. Feeding them fresh local fruit and vegetables packed with vitamins and minerals, fresh meat packed with protein, local dairy products packed with calcium and products packed with oats and grain will help them to develop into healthy adults.

“Scotch lamb, beef and pork is amongst the finest in the world – and is available on your doorstep at a quality butcher near you. It is naturally reared, produced locally, is packed full of nutrition, tastes great and offers great value.  It is a product that can meet the demands of all households, whether they need a quick and easy midweek meal or a Sunday roast.
Scotland’s farmers take care of the animals on their farms to the highest possible animal welfare standards that aren’t always guaranteed elsewhere. They ensure that animals lead comfortable lives and are given all of the necessary care and attention.

“Scottish farming needs your support! The message is, fundamentally, buy Scottish for quality assurance.

“By shopping locally you’re keeping local people in jobs and guaranteeing first class products on your plate.”

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