In a major intervention into the independence debate one of Scotland’s leading businessmen has posed a series of key questions for the No campaign.

Questioning what the incentives would be in Scotland after a No vote Mr McColl said “If it is a No vote and the status quo, I think we are looking into a very sad future”.

Jim McColl asks in an interview with today’s Scotsman how voting no will rebalance the UK economy away from its London centric focus; what options Scotland will have other than UK driven austerity; what further incentives there will be for business in Scotland; and how the one size fits all approach to welfare that is leaving many people facing harsh cuts in essential support can be tackled.

Welcoming his comments, SNP Depute Leader Nicola Sturgeon said:

“This is a key test for the no campaign. Jim McColl has highlighted persistent problems that sticking with the status quo will not solve.

“What is the No campaign’s answer to tackling the additional costs of doing business in Scotland that come from Westminster’s focus on London.

“What is the No campaign’s answer to continued Westminster austerity that will hit Scotland hard.

“With the tools of independence future Scottish Governments can work in new ways to tackle economic inequality, to produce growth and to invest in people.

“As Jim McColl’s comments make clear whilst a Yes vote gives us the tools to tackle problems and deliver growth ourselves, a No vote leaves Scotland no further forward than we are now.”

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