Artist impression of Forth Energy Biomass plant at Grangemouth



Commenting on the Scottish Government’s decision to approve the Forth Energy application for a combined heat and power station for the Port of Grangemouth, Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald said:


“It is clearly extremely disappointing that the Government has approved the Forth Energy application. The ‘Grangemouth Community Council coalition’ who so tirelessly opposed the energy plant throughout the whole application process will also be bitterly disappointed by this decision.


"I pay tribute to the Grangemouth Community Council coalition, which I was pleased to be part of, who put up a strong case and valiant opposition to the proposal, which was a prime example of a 'David and Goliath' battle - sadly to no avail!


“I do welcome however the series of conditions to protect local residents from inconvenience, safeguard the appearance of the area, and protect the environment and air quality. The conditions to the consent also ensure that the fuel used in the biomass is from sustainable and responsible sources.


“It remains to be seen however whether all the conditions imposed by the Scottish Government can be met by Forth Energy.


“If the conditions can be met then it would be churlish not to welcome the 500 construction related jobs the plant will bring, and the expected 70 full time jobs once the plant is up and running.


“I will, however, be monitoring closely any progress on the local distribution of renewable heat for local businesses and industry, as that was one of the main selling points of this application, and any failure to meet that obligation by Forth Energy will call the whole venture into question.


“We will monitor future developments very closely and with interest”.

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