The Scottish National Party has welcomed the comments by Eduard Kukan MEP, former Foreign Minister of Slovakia and diplomat, on the positive role an independent Scotland would play in the European Union following a Yes vote.

In an interview with the Week in Holyrood aired on Community Radio across Scotland today (Friday), Mr Kukan said an independent Scotland would be “an enrichment to the European family and to the European Union”. He went on to say he was sure that an independent Scotland would be welcomed by the overwhelming majority of EU countries.

Commenting, SNP MSP Christina McKelvie, said:

“These are extremely welcome comments from not just a sitting MEP but a former Foreign Minister of an EU Member State, which tell the truth about Scotland and the opportunities of independence.

“The EU is no stranger to dealing with new constitutional situations, and will adopt a common-sense approach for Scotland to continue in membership.  If Scotland votes Yes, we will receive an extremely warm welcome to the community of nations.

“Mr Kukan – who has spent his whole career working in foreign affairs - rightly points out that the European Union would welcome the many great contributions an independent Scotland can bring to the table.

“The real threat to Scotland’s place in Europe is the move by Westminster towards isolation from the EU and the single market of half a billion people.  As Scotland looks to take our seat at the top table in Europe with independence, the Tory-led UK Government is fast scurrying towards the exit door."

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