Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald comments on Grangemouth Community Council resignations

“I am saddened that the Grangemouth Community Councillors have decided to resign ‘en masse’ in protest at the announcement by the Scottish Government approving the 120MW CHP plant in the town, however I can fully understand any feelings of disillusionment they have following the decision to approve the biomass plant in the Port of Grangemouth.

“Grangemouth Community Council has been one of the most active I have ever had the pleasure to work with and it will indeed be a sad loss to the town if it is not reconvened. As a former Grangemouth Community Councillor myself, and knowing the commitment each individual Community Councillor has for the town, I understand how difficult the decision must have been to resign en masse.

“The most recent battle against Forth Energy’s biomass application by the Grangemouth Community Council Coalition was a brave fight against the might of ‘big business’ in an attempt to stop the biomass plant gaining planning consent. The time, effort and commitment shown by the coalition members during this ‘David versus Goliath’ battle was exemplary and they can all hold their heads high knowing they gave the campaign their best effort.

“I hope the current community councillors who have just resigned will reconsider their decision when the time comes for community council elections later on this year.

“However, if not, I would encourage others with an interest in the future well-being of Grangemouth and Skinflats to consider standing for election to the new community council in September”.

“Grangemouth needs a watchdog which is independent of local or national Government and I hope local people with the well-being of Grangemouth (and Skinflats) at heart will step up to the plate when the Community Council elections take place later this year”

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