Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald has welcomed figures which show Falkirk Council schools have once again shown improvement in examination results comparing well with national standards.                     

The number of sixth year pupils attaining three or more highers has improved by 3% against last year’s post appeal figure. It’s also 12% higher than twelve years ago and is now at its highest recorded level.

Attainment of five or more highers is also at its highest recorded level, an improvement of 2% since last year and 10% higher than 2008.

Pupils in sixth year attaining one or more advanced highers is now 6% higher than in 2008.

Angus MacDonald MSP said:

“I congratulate first and foremost the dedication of the teachers who have ensured the attainment levels have been improved. Also, clearly, the hard work of the pupils has contributed to the improved results.

“These results vindicate the actions taken by the previous SNP administration in Falkirk who put long-term measures in place to increase the attainment levels throughout Falkirk district.

“Clearly with these measures in place we are seeing the attainment levels increase at a healthy rate.”

Attainment by the end of S4 is 1% higher than last year’s post appeal figure and is the same as the previous year. Attainment in English and Mathematics is now 5% higher than it was five years ago.

Andew Sutherland, Director of Education said: “We are pleased with the examination performance across all of our secondary schools in the Falkirk Council area which has been very positive this year at all levels - from Standard Grade to Advanced Higher.

“Indeed the standards reached across the authority have matched and in many cases exceeded the high performance achieved last session.”

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