A comparison between an opinion poll this week and levels of trust in Governments across the EU has highlighted just how rare the Scottish Government’s high approval ratings are.

Analysis of polling conducted in every EU country shows that just four EU countries have over 50% of their citizens saying that they "tend to trust" their Governments, and only 22% of people in the UK “tend to trust” the Westminster Government.

A Panelbase opinion poll this week found that 60% of people in Scotland trust the Scottish Government to take the best decisions for Scotland, compared to 16% who backed the Westminster Government and 19% who didn’t trust either Government.

If Scotland was included in this EU-wide polling in its own right and saw this level of trust replicated only the Government of Luxembourg would have a higher trust rating.

Commenting, SNP MSP Bruce Crawford said:

“While the consistently high levels of trust which people place in the Scottish Government might often be taken for granted here, a look at the picture across Europe is an instructive one.

“The EU-wide analysis suggests that the extraordinarily high levels of trust that people have in the Scottish Government is extremely rare.

“Only four EU Governments had trust ratings above 50% while just 22% of people trust the UK Government.

“That level of trust is testament to the fact that people know that unlike Westminster, the Scottish Government will always put the interests of people in Scotland first.

“That strong trust in the Scottish Government shows why Scotland needs the powers of an independent Scotland that only a Yes vote in next year’s referendum will deliver.

“Decisions about Scotland are best made by those who live and work here, who by definition care the most about Scotland and have the greatest stake in making Scotland a fairer, more prosperous country.”

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