How an independent Scotland could look will be explained at a public meeting at Falkirk’s Cladhan Hotel on Thursday 3 October at 7.30pm organised by the YES Falkirk Group..


Robin McAlpine of the Jimmy Reid Foundation will outline the “Common Weal” concept of a fairer more equal Scotland based on the Scandinavian model of high wage, strong public service model.


The Jimmy Reid Foundation is a group of left thinking activists named after the Clydeside Trade Union leader, Jimmy Reid who led the Clydeside Ship Builders in the early 1970’s and who later joined the SNP and campaigned for Scottish independence.


The Foundation have produced a series of policy initiatives that they believe will become a template for change in the event of a Yes vote next September.


The Common Weal concept has the support of prominent YES campaigners such as Dennis Canavan, Nicola Sturgeon and YES Scotland Chief Executive, Blair Jenkins. At the recent conference of SNP Councillors in Airth the Falkirk Council SNP delegation were central to the “Common Weal” being adopted unanimously by the Councillors.


YES Falkirk coordinator, Keith Houston said,


The debate has moved on from whether Scotland can be independent to what type of country we want to live in.


The UK is already the 4th most unequal society in the world with the gap between rich and poor growing alarmingly. The Bedroom Tax for the poor with Tax cuts for the rich, massive bonuses for failed bankers, pay freezes for low paid will see that inequality grow.


Scotland is a rich country that can afford to reward those who can work and treat with dignity those who are unable to.


The presentation from the Jimmy Reid Foundation gives us an insight into what is possible with a Scottish Parliament with full powers.


The event is open to anyone interested in a better future and we would particularly invite those who have not yet made up their mind which way they will vote next September.”


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