Commenting on her interview on the BBC Sunday Politics Scotland programme today - in which Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont claimed she had not used the expression "something for nothing" in relation to people in Scotland benefiting from universal services, but that it had been invented by the SNP - SNP MSP Linda Fabiani said:

"Johann Lamont is trying to re-write history. She appeared to deny that she had ever used the expression 'something for nothing' - and the entire 'something for nothing' speech has been airbrushed from the Labour Party's website.

"But Ms Lamont did say it. It was the central part of what was described as a major speech made in September last year. At the time it was suggested this could become a disastrous approach for her, as Labour adopted the Westminster agenda of cuts, cuts and more cuts - hitting the vulnerable and abandoning hard fought for universal benefits. So it is no surprise that Johann Lamont seems to want to forget and distance herself from that disastrous speech. But it makes it impossible to believe a single word Labour say.

"Scottish Labour is now in a mess about its Cuts Commission. Contrary to what Labour tried to pretend in Dunfermline, and despite Ms Lamont's denial of her own words, they are clearly proposing a cuts agenda to Scotland's public services. These gains of the Scottish Parliament - services delivered by the SNP government - are already effectively and efficiently managed. Labour need to come clean about what they want to cut, and Johann Lamont needs to be honest about what she said."

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