Angus MacDonald hits out at unfair charges on elderly and infirm

The SNP's Scottish Parliamentary candidate for Falkirk East, Grangemouth Councillor Angus MacDonald has hit out at new charges for non-residential social care services being introduced by the ruling Tory/Labour administration at Falkirk Council, branding the charges "an attack on the most vulnerable within our society".
The first phase of the raid on the pockets of elderly and infirm residents, which is due to come in to force in November, will net the council a staggering £1.6m a year for services that were free under the previous SNP led Administration.

Branding Labour and Tory Councillors as "heartless" for re-introducing charges for essential social services Councillor Angus MacDonald said:

“What Labour and their Tory co-horts are saying in justification for their new charging regime for such as MECS (Mobile Emergency Care Service) are the same arguments they put forward the last time they wanted people to pay. In 2001 they argued other councils were charging and so Falkirk should as well. The SNP fought Labour on the issue in 2001 and won and we will fight this Labour / Tory attack on the elderly and disabled now.

"These are essential services that save lives and yet Labour and Conservative Councillors are putting obstacles in the way of people who are already living on benefits from receiving these services, thus putting lives at risk. You can not image anyone being asked for a credit card number when they phone 999 and yet that is what this uncaring Labour / Tory coalition are doing in Falkirk Council.”

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