Labour Council Leaders vote to cut more than £2.3 million from Falkirk Council’s Budget

Local MSP Angus MacDonald has expressed his astonishment at Scotland’s Labour Council Leaders’ decision to cut Falkirk Council’s Budget by over £2.3 million next year.


The Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) has, since 1983, agreed to an annual uprating of needs-based indicators to ensure that the latest figures on population and deprivation are applied when deciding how resources are distributed to local authorities. Labour has now used its voting strength in the COSLA Leaders Group to throw out that formula, demanding that funding is distributed next year on the same basis as this year. 


Those councils with growing need relative to other councils will lose out if the COSLA Leaders’ decision is confirmed. Indeed, 20 of Scotland’s 32 councils will suffer, including Falkirk Council.


Commenting, Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald said:


“Labour’s daft decision to ignore the most up to date figures on population change and deprivation means that next year Falkirk Council will have its budget slashed by a whopping £2.377 million, whilst Glasgow gains £15,504 million and Edinburgh £13,316 million.


“Ironically the biggest cut will be to Aberdeen’s funding, the Labour run council that pressed hardest for this change, obviously without fully considering the consequences.


“Labour Council Leaders need to think again; the funding formula delivered under Conservative, Labour and SNP administrations for more than three decades is flexible and by ensuring figures are up to date is fairer than a system that ignores changing need and population.


“Falkirk district’s Labour councillors should demand their colleagues reverse this inept decision or else explain which jobs and services they propose should be cut to plug the £2,377,000 funding gap that Falkirk Council will face from April next year.”

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