Angus MacDonald MSP is lending his support to WWF’s Earth Hour on Saturday 29 March by becoming an Earth Hour star and celebrating our brilliant planet.

As 8.30pm strikes that evening, millions of people across the world will switch of their lights for an hour in a graphic demonstration of support for people and wildlife threatened by climate change. When the lights switch off, it is our planet’s time to shine.

By becoming an Earth Hour star, Angus MacDonald MSP and others are offering their support for a brighter future by committing to take more action beyond the hour to tackle climate change. One of the things that politicians can do is commit to introducing new measures to reduce our own emissions in Scotland. This includes reducing emissions from our homes, transport system and from our energy production.

Angus MacDonald MSP is urging constituents, local businesses and organisations in his Falkirk East constituency to join in and be Earth Hour stars for WWF’s Earth Hour.

Last year more than 10 million people in the UK and 157 countries took part in the world’s largest participation event. Some of the world’s most recognisable landmarks including The Falkirk Wheel, Edinburgh Castle, the Forth Rail Bridge, Big Ben, The Sydney Opera House and the Eiffel Tower switched off for Earth Hour.

Scotland celebrated the hour with schools, individuals, organisations, community groups and iconic buildings joining the big switch-off.

To join the growing community of people supporting WWF’s Earth Hour, visit:

As an annual supporter of Earth Hour, Falkirk East’s MSP Angus MacDonald said:

“I am delighted to be supporting Earth Hour on 29th March. This year the eyes of the world will fall on Scotland as we host the XX Commonwealth Games, the Ryder Cup, Homecoming Scotland and – in addition – the people of Scotland will make a landmark decision on our future.

“It is vitally important then that in this momentous year for Scotland we commit to the symbolism of Earth Hour and the messages it conveys to the rest of the world.

“Across the world, nations face a range of challenges from climate change and energy and water security to tackling extreme poverty. But the biggest challenge is surely climate change. This is why in 2009, the Scottish Parliament passed world-leading legislation on climate change.

“Scotland has shown that when we have the powers, we are prepared to lead. No other country in the world has set itself the demanding emission reduction targets that Scotland has, and we have also led the way in championing climate justice – working in cooperation with NGOs and international leaders like Mary Robinson.

“Scotland’s Climate Justice Fund is already making a difference to the lives of climate affected communities in Malawi and Zambia, and we recently held a ground breaking conference bringing together businesses, NGOs, academia and the public sector to discuss how to deliver climate justice. The devastation caused by extreme weather events such as Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines must be a wake-up call to world governments, and we are calling on them to share Scotland’s ambition on this issue.

“In the fields of international development, human rights, action on climate change and climate justice, Scotland already has a well-established international reputation. With the new powers that independence will bring, Scotland will have the platform to further champion climate change action globally and work with like-minded countries within the United Nations.

“In 2013, thousands of people across Scotland joined hundreds of millions of others in 154 countries across the world in switching off all non-essential lighting – on and within buildings. The Scottish Government, the Scottish Parliament and our local authority Falkirk Council will play their part again this year and we anticipate a great response from the rest of the public sector too. I urge all of the people of Falkirk district to play their part in Earth Hour”.

WWF Scotland director Lang Banks said:

WWF’s Earth Hour is an extraordinary annual event that focuses the world’s attention on our amazing planet, and the steps we need to take to protect it.

“In this momentous year for Scotland, we are glad that so many politicians are keen to be Earth Hour stars, and support more action to protect our planet from climate change and other environmental threats. We encourage everyone to be part of the world’s biggest celebration of our brilliant planet, to show their support for planet friendly decisions by our leaders.”


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