Welcoming the ICM poll published today in The Scotsman showing the SNP are leading with 41 per cent of the vote - 12 points ahead of Labour - SNP Business Convener, Derek Mackay MSP said:

"This is a remarkable poll – after nearly seven years in government, the SNP are still far and away Scotland’s most popular political party, and in a strong position as we approach the European elections.

"The poll is also devastating for Labour coming on the back of their party conference – and will serve as a reminder to Johann Lamont that people in Scotland haven’t forgotten her Cuts Commission or forgiven Labour's alliance with the Tories in the No campaign.

"The European elections is a fantastic opportunity to stand on the SNP’s positive message of an independent Scotland playing a constructive role at the heart of Europe – in contrast to Westminster threatening isolation through an in/out referendum."

The poll also showed that 61% of people in Scotland want to stay in the European Union, once the ‘Don’t Knows’ are removed.

Mr MacKay added:

"With Westminster’s drive towards an in-out referendum on Europe - with a big majority of Scots wanting to stay in, and fewer than a fifth definitely wanting an EU exit - this poll highlights the very different paths that Scotland and Westminster are on.

"Despite Project Fear’s attempts to claim otherwise, the fact is that the only threat to Scotland’s membership of the EU is a No vote in September.

"Only a Yes vote will secure Scotland’s place as an independent member state in Europe. With independence, we will take our seat around the EU’s top table and Scotland’s voice will be heard."


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