Following the news this week that another school crossing patrol is to be axed in Grangemouth, Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald MSP has urged Falkirk Council to consider seeking commercial sponsorship for school crossing patrols as a way to ensure schoolchildren are safe walking to school.

The MSP’s call follows reports that Grangemouth parents were informed this week by Falkirk Council that it has axed the school crossing patrol on Abbots Rd (Kingseat Avenue bridge).
Commercial sponsorship moves have been made by other local authorities as a means of ensuring school crossing patrols continue during periods of financial pressure. Sponsors pay the patrols’ salaries, usually approximately £3,000 a year, with the council picking up the management costs.

Calling on Falkirk Council to consider the proposal, Angus MacDonald MSP said:
“There is no doubt that this solution is far from ideal, and it pains me to have to come up with the suggestion of commercial sponsorship, however it is clearly a better option than having no school crossing patrols at all.

“If this solution is taken on board by the Council I am sure there are many firms operating in the Falkirk Council area who would be happy to show their commitment to their local communities.
“There is a prejudice against commercial sponsorship which I fully understand and share, however ’when needs must’ if it means ensuring the safety of local schoolchildren as they walk to and from school then it is an option which must be explored.

“Ideally commercial sponsorship by local firms would allow the re-instatement of school crossing patrols already axed by Falkirk Council, however realistically it may be that this is the only way to ensure no more are axed.

“I have written to the Council asking them to consider this option in the near future and look forward to receiving their reply.”

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