A poll of female voters for the Daily Record has given the SNP a substantial lead in voting intentions for the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections.

The survey found that once undecideds were removed, 43.2 per cent of women who are likely to vote plan to back the SNP in their constituency in 2016, compared to 26.8 per cent backing Labour, 15.1 per cent backing the Tories and 8.3 per cent backing the LibDems. This lead of 16.4 per cent compares with the 2011 result which saw the SNP secure a lead of 13.7 per cent over Labour in the constituency vote.

In the regional vote, after undecideds were removed, 36.1 per cent of women who are likely to vote plan to back the SNP, 22.9 per cent plan to vote Labour, 14.3 per cent will vote for the Tories and 9.1 per cent will vote LibDem – an SNP lead of 13.2 per cent over Labour.

Survation’s previous Scottish Parliament poll in July found that 38.3 per cent of women who were likely to vote were backing the SNP in the constituency vote compared to 36.4 per cent backing Labour once undecideds were removed. This means that in the last month, support for the SNP amongst women has increased by 4.9 per cent while support for Labour has fallen by 9.6 per cent. Similar results were recorded on the regional vote, with support for the SNP increasing by 5.1 per cent between the two polls and support for Labour falling by 8.1 per cent.

Commenting, SNP MSP Annabelle Ewing said:

“This latest poll giving the SNP a double-digit lead amongst women voters is a strong vote of confidence in the SNP’s track record in Government.

“It shows that women across Scotland continue to support the policies the SNP has delivered in Government, like freezing the council tax, abolishing tuition fees and extending childcare provision.

“But if we are to build on that positive record, we need the tools to set tax and welfare policy and harness Scotland’s resources that can only come with a Yes vote.

“This poll will also surely set alarm bells ringing in the Labour party. Three years into the last Scottish Parliament, Labour had a double-digit lead in the polls and went on to lose by a landslide – this time around they are even further behind the SNP than the 2011 result.”

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