Angus MacDonald at a construction site in his constituency


Angus MacDonald MSP has welcomed new figures showing that over 120 new council houses have been built in Falkirk district since 2009 with Scottish Government funding, providing a “huge boost” to the local economy.

Analysis shows that the Scottish Government Council House Build Programme - introduced in April 2009 – has seen more than £135m invested to provide local authority housing for people across the country.

The funding incentivises local authorities to build new homes – the first such central government support to councils in a generation.

Commenting Angus MacDonald said:

“It is fantastic that this SNP Scottish Government has provided funding for more than 120 new homes in Falkirk district and demonstrates the scale and ambition of this programme.

“The SNP Government is on track to deliver 30,000 affordable homes across Scotland by March 2016, with 1,324 council homes built in 2013/14 alone – the highest number since a new generation of council house construction was kick-started in 2009.

"In contrast, the previous Labour/LibDem administration built just six council homes during the four years of their last term in office.

“Despite considerable challenges to the money we get back from Westminster the SNP Scottish Government plans to spend over £1.7 billion to deliver our target of 30,000 affordable homes during the lifetime of this Parliament, supporting an estimated 8,000 jobs each year.

“However only a Yes vote and the full powers of independence will give us full control to tailor our housing supply investment and initiatives to meet the needs of our communities and the homebuilding industry in Scotland.

“It will also provide the full borrowing powers we need to invest prudently in infrastructure, and not have our capital budget dictated to us by Westminster.”

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