Comment from Angus MacDonald MSP on INEOS’ 51% stake in PEDL licence 133

Following the announcement today from INEOS Upstream that it has purchased a 51 per cent stake of the shale section of PEDL licence 133, which covers 329 square kilometres of Central Scotland and includes INEOS’ Grangemouth refining and petrochemical complex and the area around it, Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald said:

“I have been aware for some time that INEOS has been considering entry into shale gas exploration which they are clearly entitled to do however it is also clear from recent announcements by the Scottish Government that any exploration in Scotland faces a much stricter regulatory regime than that in England.

“I welcome the Scottish Government’s considered and cautious approach to fracking proposals and the objection it raised last week  to Westminster’s ‘gung-ho’ plans to remove the right of householders in Scotland to object to drilling beneath their homes. 

“The plans set out by the UK Government would allow companies to drill below people’s homes and land without first negotiating a right of access – in stark contrast to the considered approach advocated by the Scottish Government.

“This follows on from the UK Government’s outrageous failure to consult the Scottish Government on the granting of new fracking licenses – despite licenses being announced for vast swathes of the central belt.

“These UK Government plans would strip householders in Scotland of their right to object to drilling under their own homes – and are just the latest sorry episode in Westminster’s ‘gung-ho’ approach to fracking.

“In contrast, the Scottish Government proposes a cautious and considered approach to unconventional oil and gas which ensures that the views of local communities are taken into account – which is exactly why these decisions should be taken here in Scotland.”

“I would also point out that the current application under PEDL 133 at Airth and the surrounding area being determined by the Scottish Government Reporter is for the extraction of methane gas (coalbed methane) used primarily for the generation of energy. With only approximately 6 to 9 per cent ethane content this gas is not suitable for INEOS to use as a petrochemical feedstock locally, which is why they have secured a 15 year contact for the supply of ethane from the States.”


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