Angus MacDonald MSP outside Whyte  MacKay in Grangemouth

In early May the Glasgow-based Whyte & Mackay spirits manufacturer was purchased by Philippine based Emperador Inc. for £430 million. The company currently maintains a bottling plant in the Grangemouth.

In May, immediately following the acquisition Falkirk East Angus MSP MacDonald began communications with Emperador to ensure that the local Whyte and Mackay plant would remain in operation.

The Whyte & Mackay plant in Grangemouth currently employs approximately 150 individuals and today (10 October 2014) Emperador confirmed that they planned to continue operations in Grangemouth.

Angus MacDonald MSP welcomed this news saying:
“Whisky production is a strong component of the Scottish economy and around 10,000 people are directly employed by the Scotch Whisky industry. Whyte and Mackay is a valued employer in the community and it is good to know that my efforts to keep them in Grangemouth have been successful.”

“Worldwide demand for whisky is expected to significantly increase over the next two years as BRIC countries (Brazil, India and China) continue to develop a taste for Scotland’s national drink, and I would expect the Whyte & Mackay plant in Grangemouth to play its part in that expansion”.

Emperador Distillers Inc. is one of the world’s largest brandy producers based out of the Philippines.
Chairman Andrew Tan stated in May 9th, after confirmation of the acquisition that,
“Whisky is the second fastest growing spirits segment in the world next to brandy. The growing demand for Scotch whisky has shown strong growth over recent years and is expected to continue this momentum going forward.”

Winston Co, Chairman and CEO of Emperador Distillery Inc., contacted Angus MacDonald MSP this week and told him:

“I have visited the Grangemouth bottling facility and met with management at the site. We have expressed our intention to keep the facility and retain the employees.”

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