MacDonald Calls for Action on Standing Charges for Energy


Plight of Pensioners Penalised for Being Low Energy Users.


With winter fast approaching and constituents facing huge energy bills, Angus MacDonald MSP has written to the UK Minister for Energy and Climate Change Matthew Hancock, regarding the high cost of standing charges.


Mr MacDonald has been contacted by constituents who will be hardest hit by these charges over the winter months. 


Pensioners who receive the Governments Winter Allowance are finding that it only just covers the cost of these charges and they still have to find funds to pay the huge bills that will be dropping through their doors.


Mr MacDonald commented,


“Pensioners are finding it increasingly difficult to heat their homes during the hard Scottish winters.  They are often low energy users and these standing charges can amount to much more than the bill itself. 


“In fact the UK Government has recently put out a recommendation that they heat one room only.  These are vulnerable people and this is not an acceptable situation. 


“Keeping warm over winter months can help prevent colds, flu or more serious health problems like pneumonia.  Moving from one heated room to cold room rooms in the rest of the house cannot be healthy.


“These charges seem excessive and I have asked the UK Minister for Energy and Climate Change, if it would be possible to consider instructing the energy companies to exempt pensioners from paying them.


“The energy companies continue to make large profits while many elderly customers must be wondering if they have gone back decades to a time when there was no central heating and folk had to wear hats and scarves just to move from room to room.”


It might pay to investigate changing supplier and customers can do this on-line by going to: or


Alternatively if you do not have internet access you can call 0800 977 4498 for the Energy Helpline or 0800 051 5493 for Uswitch.

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