Calor Gas Ltd. Announces Introduction of Renewable Biopropane for British Market from 2016

Last week SHV Energy, parent company to Calor Gas, announced a contract had been made with NESTÈ Oil Corp. to sell biopropane throughout Europe. Great Britain was identified as one of five potential European countries for distribution. On Friday of last week (October 17th) Calor Gas Ltd., held a press event to announce that the company would by 2016 make sustainable biopropane available for home heating and transport in the UK. The initial amount of biopropane made available each year could heat 30,000 homes, and as availability increases this number will likely grow.

Biopropane could have a major impact on household heating in Great Britain. It will provide consumers who already use liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) a means of utilizing sustainable energy without having to pay for new boilers and heaters. Biopropane is the first “drop-in” renewable heating and transport fuel made available in Great Britain, and will help Scotland reach its goal of a 42% reduction in emissions by 2020.

Calor Gas Ltd. is has its Scottish headquarters in Grangemouth, and local MSP Angus MacDonald said today that,

“The announcement from Calor Gas comes as welcome news to my constituency and Scotland. Renewable energy initiatives such as this help Scotland continue to be an inspiration for other countries striving to reduce emissions and helps Scotland reduce its dependence on fossil fuels in an affordable manner.”

In September Nestè Oil announced that it would be making a €60 million investment in biopropane production. The biopropane will be produced from waste product of Nestè biodiesel refining process, and in its agreement with SHV energy they will supply some 160,000 tons of biopropane over a four-year period. This deal is the first of its kind and could deliver over 2.2TW of renewable energy.

Stephen Rennie, Managing Director of Calor Gas Ltd. wrote in a press release last week:

“We are very excited about this development as it shows that LPG, via biopropane, has a long term future in the British energy market and has a major part to play in helping Britain achieve its renewable targets.”

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