Angus MacDonald slams UK Government for putting Scottish recovery at risk

Following the UK spending review statement by the Chancellor George Osborne, SNP Candidate for Falkirk East, Councillor Angus MacDonald has reacted to the UK announcements.

Angus MacDonald said:

“We suffered Labour’s recession and mismanagement and now ConDem cuts are on their way.

“This UK Chancellor’s budget represents a real terms cut to Scotland, where local government will be hit also. Spending cuts are worse than expected with £1.3bn from Scotland's revenue budget and £800m from the capital budget for this year alone, which threaten some 12,000 jobs in Scotland.

“These cuts are too quick, too deep and too fast and will severely hinder any prospect of recovery in Scotland, which we were already seeing signs of. This high risk strategy by the ConDem government will without doubt come back to haunt them.

“The Scottish Government’s Economic Recovery Plan, which stimulated investment by bringing forward capital projects and delivering an infrastructure programme worth £3.3 billion this year and brought much needed support for construction and employment is now at risk.

“Sadly, we have the same old Tories, now helped by the Liberal Democrats, cutting too far and too fast and leaving the poorest households to bear the brunt of tax rises, benefit cuts and the loss of public services and jobs.

“This programme of cuts, in the same week as Norway announced its Oil Fund stands at £326 billion, highlight the need for Scotland to secure economic and financial powers to grow the economy and boost revenues. Only the SNP has an alternative to the dire and depressing agenda of Labour cuts or Tory/LibDem cuts. Instead of accelerating cuts for Scotland we need our own powers – and the sooner, the better!

“At the Scottish election we need a first rate team fighting for Scotland who can build economic recovery and deliver a better and fairer Scotland – a first rate team for a second term, not a second rate opposition set for first time failure.”

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