Angus MacDonald MSP secures new vehicle for Forth Valley First Responders



The Forth Valley First Responders are volunteers trained by The Scottish Ambulance Service to attend 999 emergencies before the arrival of an Ambulance.

Forth Valley First Responders are allocated by the Scottish Ambulance Services Ambulance Control Centre's to a wide range of life threatening emergencies, including, but not limited to: Allergic reactions, Breathing problems, Fitting, Diabetic emergencies, Chest pains, Strokes, Loss of consciousness, Collapse and both Cardiac and Respiratory arrest.

Whilst attending incidents, they provide care and support to the patient, continually monitoring the patients pulse, oxygen levels and respiratory rates administering lifesaving treatment if the patient’s condition requires this.

Forth Valley First Responders have been operating since 2005 utilising a single Ambulance Response vehicle supplied by the Scottish Ambulance Service.

Angus MacDonald MSP for Falkirk East was contacted by Kelly Irvine one of our First Responders to seek help securing another vehicle. Mr MacDonald was already aware of the work we do from following our Social Media.

Through his efforts he secured a second Ambulance Response Vehicle through Arnold Clark – Kia, enabling us to double our operational cover across NHS Forth Valley.  

Mr MacDonald said:

“I was delighted to be able to assist Forth Valley First Responders with their request for assistance in obtaining a new vehicle. I follow the activities of Forth Valley First Responders on social media and am well aware of the first class work they do in the area.

“My thanks go to Arnold Clark who reacted very positively to my request and have generously provided a high-tech Ambulance Response Vehicle that will undoubtedly save many more lives in the Forth Valley area.

“It is a very impressive vehicle with state of the art communications and will double the operational capability throughout Forth Valley. I understand that the paramedics who will use it are delighted to receive it and look forward to seeing it on the road.”

The vehicle has been fully kitted out with state of the art communications equipment allowing the Ambulance Control Centre’s to track the vehicles location in real time across NHS Forth Valley and beyond.  Also on board is a computer system which allows direct receipt of 999 Emergency Calls from our control centre’s removing the need and delays caused through dispatchers having to pass the details verbally over the telephone.

Forth Valley First Responders give up a considerable amount of time for no return remuneration serving people across NHS Forth Valley in an extremely unique way.

In addition to this the organisation entirely self-fund through their linked charity whilst maintaining strong visible community engagement through attending multiple events per month engaging with the community across the entire health board.

The Forth Valley First Responders this year to date have already attended around 200 life threatening emergencies across NHS Forth Valley, utilising their now 2 ambulance response vehicles.

Gordon Smith, Paramedic and Scheme Coordinator of Forth Valley First Responders has been involved since the organisation commenced in 2005. Since then they have attended in excess of 2,500 emergencies categorized as life threatening as well as collectively contributing in excess of 50,000 volunteer man hours.

For more information about the organisation visit their website ( or their Facebook page which is updated regularly (

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