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Falkirk East MSP praises prohibition as a "triumph for common sense cultivation”

The MSP Angus MacDonald has joined environmental stakeholders in supporting the Scottish Government's ban on genetically modified crops, as a means of protecting Scotland's clean, green status and its food and farming economy.

The stakeholders include Friends of the Earth Scotland Director, Richard Dixon, who commented, "It is very good news that Scottish ministers are taking this stance…It is certainly in Scotland's interests to keep GM out of Scotland."

Peter Melchett, Policy Director of The Soil Association added his vocal support, stating, "This is wonderful news for the people of Scotland, for Scotland's environment and particularly for farmers."

And Peter Ritchie, Director of the sustainable food campaign 'Nourish Scotland', also welcomed the move, and warned of the alternative. He stressed, "GM technology is closely associated with heavy use of glyphosate, a herbicide recently classified as probably carcinogenic."

Angus MacDonald, the MSP for Falkirk East and an active Member of the Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee at Holyrood concurred with this sentiment. In a statement made earlier today, Mr. MacDonald said, “I warmly welcome the announcement by Rural Affairs Secretary, Richard Lochhead, that the Scottish Government intends to take advantage of new EU rules allowing countries to opt out of growing EU-authorised GM crops.”

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Mr. MacDonald added, “Coming from a farming background, this is a subject very close to my heart and I’ve had long-standing concerns about the harmful effects of genetically modified crop cultivation - both environmentally and economically speaking. This landmark legislation prohibiting GM crops is, in a very real way, a triumph for common sense cultivation.”

“On the one hand, it will protect the long term sustainability, quality and demand for Scottish food produce. And with a food and drink sector worth £14 billion annually, this is a vital growth area in Scotland’s economy that needs to be both championed and safeguarded at all levels.”

“Just as significantly, the ban will also protect and further enhance our nation’s prized environmentally clean, green reputation: a sphere of influence that Scotland can truly be a world leader in.”

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