Grangemouth Oil Refinery dusk with flare light

Grangemouth plant assures general public that routine flaring is nothing to be concerned about  

This afternoon, the Comunications Manager at the Grangemouth-based petrochemical firm, Ineos, issued a press statement in connection with routine plant procedures that are taking place during start up and shut down times at the plant. 

David East explained, "Following the successful completion of planned maintenance work on one of the petrochemical plants at Ineos Grangemouth, local residents and those in the vicinity of our site may see spells of flaring from the morning of Wednesday, September 16th, as we commence the start up process."

Grangemouth and Refinery - aerial view

Mr. East continued by assuring the general public, "This is the normal industrial procedure during the start up and shut down of our plants."  

"We apologise for any inconvenience it may cause and will make every effort to reduce the level and duration of any flaring."

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