SNP call for the sacking of Tory MSP

Falkirk Council’s SNP Group Leader, Cllr David Alexander, has called on the Conservative party to sack local Tory MSP, Margaret Mitchell ahaad of next May’s Scottish Parliamentary elections.

The call comes as the Falkirk Herald can reveal that Mrs Mitchell threatened a disabled member of her staff with a reduction in her contracted hours from 37 per week to 15 after the secretary had undergone surgery. The staff member lodged a grievance against Mrs Mitchell in July of this year claiming that she had financial commitments that meant she could not afford to drop so many hours..

The staff member, Ms Summers, advised the MSP that she believed the MSP was in breach of the Disability Discrimination Act, something the SNP believes was based in fact. However, the matter was resolved when the staff member accepted a redundancy package that included a confidentiality clause in August.

However, the SNP claim that Mrs Mitchell, who ironically chairs the Scottish Parliament’s Equal Opportunities Committee is not fit to hold office and should be removed by party bosses.

Said Cllr Alexander,

“It is bad enough that any employer should treat a disabled member of staff in such a disgusting manner but for that employer to be the chair of the nation’s Equal Opportunities Committee just beggars belief.

"Margaret Mitchell can not claim ignorance of the law, she has unprecedented access to legal advice within the parliament and no one is in a better position to understand the Disability Discrimination Act.

"However, legal opinion aside, Margaret Mitchell has shown a cold and callous attitude towards her own staff and so how can we expect her to demonstrate compassion and understanding fo the needs of people with disabilities within the wider community.

"At present we have Tory Councillors introducing new charges for disabled people for essential services, a Tory / Liberal Government cutting benefits to disabled people and now a Tory MSP bullying a disabled member of staff.

"It is no wonder support for the Tory party continues to shrink locally and anger against Labour for their partnership with the Tories within Falkirk Council continues to rise.”

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