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Angus MacDonald MSP welcomes community regeneration on disused public sector sites

Former publicly-owned land and buildings - including hospitals, prisons and police stations - are being redeveloped to allow hundreds of affordable homes to be built. Working closely with public sector partners, the Scottish Government is currently supporting the following projects to constructively make use of derelict sites for the benefit of communities across the country: 

• Falkirk – a development of 18 new council homes is starting on the site of a former police station in Stenhousemuir (pictured below).
• Edinburgh - £34.2 million redevelopment of the former Eastern General Hospital will provide 291 homes, 191 by the Hillcrest Group and 100 by Dunedin Canmore Housing and Bield Housing and Care.
• Perth and Kinross - 62 new homes are nearing completion on land previously owned by the UK Government’s Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.
• Aberdeen – around 120 homes will be built on the site of the former Craiginches Prison.
• Highland – around 25 homes are to be built at former NHS sites in Moray and Fort William, and six homes are being built in Inverness, Caol near Fort William, and Glencoe using former Police Scotland property.

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In a statement to the media, Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald commended the initiative, saying, "I welcome this productive use of surplus land for affordable housing - not least in respect to the eighteen new council homes that are to be built on the site of the old Stenhousemuir police station in my own constituency.

"Housing is, and will remain, at the heart of the Scottish Government’s ambitions to create a fairer and more prosperous country.

"Vacant land and property which was previously in public sector ownership – such as by NHS Scotland and Police Scotland – is resourcefully being used to add to the provision of affordable housing across Scotland. And the disused former police premises in Stenhousemuir being taken over by Falkirk Council for home-building is a case in point."

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Mr. MacDonald continued, "Indeed, the redevelopment of this derelict constabulary site is a prime example of what can be achieved when partners share a vision linking urban regeneration with community wellbeing.

"The project demonstrates the potential the creative use of space has to bring about a positive transformation.

"In filling both a property construction and social welfare gap, the council house development project on Main Street augurs well for the whole community life around Stenhousemuir Town Centre."


Angus MacDonald MSP by Stenhousemuir Town Centre monument

Commenting on the national picture, Angus MacDonald stated, "The Scottish Government has invested record funding in the building and provision of affordable homes.

And in doing so it has developed a range of pioneering approaches, like the reuse of derelict public property, to tackle Scotland’s housing challenges."

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The MSP added, "I look forward to seeing such resourceful social housing initiatives emulated elsewhere within my constituency of Falkirk East and right across the country.”

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