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Angus MacDonald MSP champions moves to reconstitute Grangemouth Community Council

The MSP for Falkirk East, Angus MacDonald, has welcomed attempts to set up a new Grangemouth Community Council to address concerns in the local community over Council cuts and future planning issues. A meeting is to be held on the evening Tuesday 8th December in the community education wing of the Grangemouth Sports Complex to dicuss the reforming of the Community Council.

Members of the previous Grangemouth Community Council resigned ‘en masse’ a couple of years ago, claiming that their views on local planning issues were being disregarded and ignored.

Commending the new local initiative, Mr. MacDonald said, “I am pleased to hear there are moves afoot amongst community activists in Grangemouth to set up a new Community Council. It was disappointing when the previous Community Councillors all resigned en masse citing their dissatisfaction with the democratic process, particularly on planning matters.

“In politics, whether it be local or national, you have to take the rough with the smooth and we don’t always get our own way in a democracy.

“Community Councils play an important role standing up for their local communities and having their finger on the pulse in their respective towns and villages. This sense of civic spirit is as true for Community Councils as it is for national Parliaments.”

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Mr. MacDonald, pictured above, conluded his statement by saying, “Grangemouth must have a strong, active Community Council, not least because of the Council cuts heading down the track at a fast pace - something which seems to have been the main trigger towards resurrecting the group.

“I hope the meeting is successful and I look forward to working closely with the new Grangemouth Community Councillors when it is, hopefully, formally set up.”

Grangemouth SNP Councillor David Balfour also welcomed the proposal, stating, “I would warmly welcome the setting up of a new Grangemouth Community Council. The proposal to close Grangemouth Town Hall has been the final straw for many Portonians who are saying enough is enough.

Community Councillors are well placed to challenge any damaging decisions taken by Falkirk Council and I too look forward to working with the new Community Council if it is set up, which I very much hope happens.”

“I would encourage anyone with an interest in the town’s wellbeing to consider becoming a Community Councillor. It can be a rewarding job, knowing you are doing your bit for the local community.”

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The meeting will be held on Tuesday 8th December from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm in the community education wing of the Grangemouth Sports Complex on Abbots Road (pictured above).

Disabled access is available and all interested residents of the town are welcome to attend.

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