Trial Commences for Arrival of Ethane from USA - May Lead to Extra Flaring



In preparation for the arrival of ethane feedstock from the USA for the KG ethylene plant later in the year, that will allow the plant to run at increased rates, INEOS will be starting up its second production unit (known as Train 2) for a trial period.

Throughout the trial, commencing today, 11 February, local residents and people in the vicinity may see occasional spells of flaring evident from the site. We will make every effort to reduce the level and duration of the flaring including the use of a ground flare. The trial is expected to take 28 days to complete.

The project to bring US shale gas ethane to Grangemouth is progressing well and is just one element of the £450m investment into the site that INEOS is making that will herald a new era in petrochemical production.

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